Rachel Taylor

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Coaching while walking in Oxford’s green spaces

We can all achieve our aspirations and goals –  moving up in our career, balancing work and life, improving fitness or finally writing that novel!

But sometimes we need a bit of help. We are stuck and don’t know how to move forward. This is where coaching can help by offering focused support to make lasting improvements.

One-to-one coaching sessions can help to:

Rachel Taylor

  • Identify the core issue/s that need changing

  • Develop strategies for overcoming challenges

  • Recognise and utilise your unique potential and resources

  • Provide a step by step approach to keep on track

  • Draw energy from your progress

Many of us feel at our best when we are connected with nature which is why coaching while walking in the lovely green spaces of Oxford can be particularly effective, opening up new horizons and allowing us to see our  lives with a different perspective and renewed energy.

Phone and Skype coaching also offered.