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Looking after ourselves in the festive season (focus on the present, not the presents)

3rd November 2017

It’s 25 days until Christmas. How do those words make you feel – happy/excited or anxious/overwhelmed? Or a mixture of all of these emotions and more? I love Christmas and this year is special, as, for the first time in our adult lives, all four siblings (two of whom live in the States) are spending…

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Stuck in a rut? Want to make a change in your life?

28th October 2017

With these recent clear blue skies and brightness, it’s been hard not to notice the stunning colours of autumn that seem to change almost daily. Walking through some of Oxford’s green spaces last weekend made me think that in the same way the trees and the world around us constantly alter, we too seamlessly and…

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Teach your children that quitting is okay – it is as important as perseverance

25th September 2017

Parents have been advised that they should show their children that achievement isn’t easily won; that way they won’t grow up to be quitters, they’ll learn perseverance and be motivated to overcome challenges. This is according to recent research which showed that toddlers whose parents made a task look difficult tended to try harder themselves. The message…

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