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Finding stillness – amongst the chaos

3rd April 2019

Our world feels truly chaotic at the moment- particularly for those of us here in the UK. We may have always had a healthy dose of cynicism about our politicians’ ability to lead, but now it’s reached a completely different level of despair.

The Brexit conflict is reducing MPs to tears, and there are reports of a 13% increase in antidepressant prescriptions since the 2016 referendum. So how do we hang onto our sanity and stability in such a time of uncertainty?

It comes back to that old adage about paying attention to what we can control and not worrying about what we can’t. While we might know this makes sense, it isn’t the easiest when we feel battered around at every turn by everything going on around us.

But it is a skill needed more than ever if we are not going to get overwhelmed – hence why mindfulness meditation seems to becoming “mainstream”  Millions of us are trying new ways to find a little piece of peace in our increasingly hectic world.

Another way to tap into our innate capacity for calm acceptance is by observing the natural world. Walking by the river with a friend at the weekend, we were stopped in the tracks of another fraught Brexit chat by the sight of four trees in early blossom on the other side of the bank.

We looked at each other and my friend said “what are they (the trees) telling us?”.

In the silence, we both knew the answer – stillness, dignity, beauty, acceptance. These qualities are available to us all if we choose to acknowledge and use them.  

“Focus on what you can control. That is always enough.”? Hunter Post

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