Rachel Taylor

Metaphorical Thinking

27th May 2020

Can’t see the wood for the trees?

All over the place?

Feeling stuck?

Feel surrounded by dark clouds?

When we have a problem, we often conjure metaphors to describe it. Usually this is unconscious – we don’t even realise we are doing it.

This week I attended a fantastic webinar with Dr Patrick Williams who explained how exploring our metaphors can be helpful in tackling problems.

By looking more closely at the metaphor we are using, we may come to a deeper understanding of the issue, enabling us to move forward.

Something to try: Think of a metaphor (X) to describe a problem you are dealing with. Then ask yourself these questions about the metaphor:

What kind of X is X?

Anything else about X?

Where is X?

What needs to happen to X?

If coaching might help to explore things further, please contact me for a FREE Taster Session – either by phone, zoom or socially distanced walking in Oxford’s green spaces. 

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