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28th October 2017

With these recent clear blue skies and brightness, it’s been hard not to notice the stunning colours of autumn that seem to change almost daily.

Walking through some of Oxford’s green spaces last weekend made me think that in the same way the trees and the world around us constantly alter, we too seamlessly and often unconsciously adapt to difference and newness.

We see our children developing (my 16 year old son has suddenly – it seems – become a fully sized man!), people around us moving onto new horizons (an office leaving do this week bade farewell to a colleague moving onto a better job), unfamiliar neighbours moving in next door, a change in management at work, colder weather, a new arrival in the family, not to mention the daily ups and downs of world events. In fact, our ability to adapt to difference and newness is fundamental to our survival and part of our hard wiring.

However, despite our skillful navigation through life’s transitions, change is so often seen as something that people will find difficult (or impossible), will generally be met with resistance and needs managing (judging by the number of sign-ups to change management courses).

This type of thinking, though, doesn’t increase our capacity to change and doesn’t recognise the excitement and energy that change can bring. So, instead, it’s helpful to see nature’s changing hues as a reflection of our own ability to adapt, giving us the confidence that we (and others around us) can make changes in our lives – sometimes big, other times very small, but still profound. It may not be the easiest thing in the world, and there may be barriers to explore and overcome, but if there is a change we want to make, we do have the potential within us to move forward in a new direction.

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Leo Tolstoy – “True life is lived when small changes occur”.

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