Rachel Taylor


Metaphorical Thinking

27th May 2020

Can’t see the wood for the trees? All over the place? Feeling stuck? Feel surrounded by dark clouds? When we have a problem, we often conjure metaphors to describe it. Usually this is unconscious – we don’t even realise we are doing it. This week I attended a fantastic webinar with Dr Patrick Williams who…

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A few words about Motivation

10th May 2019

Often my clients want to increase motivation to reach a goal.  Most of us struggle to stay focused – that Saturday morning laze in bed so tempting, when we know we should go for a run or prep that important interview next week. Daniel Pink (Drive) is good on this topic. He argues that motivation…

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Finding stillness – amongst the chaos

3rd April 2019

Our world feels truly chaotic at the moment- particularly for those of us here in the UK. We may have always had a healthy dose of cynicism about our politicians’ ability to lead, but now it’s reached a completely different level of despair. The Brexit conflict is reducing MPs to tears, and there are reports…

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Want to change a behaviour? Forget fluffy “intentions”, what we need is an “Intention Implementation Plan”!

28th February 2019

My New Year’s resolution was to reduce my iPhone usage, a decision which unfortunately coincided with the realisation that I am a hypocrite! Like most parents, I nag my kids about too much screen time, while (like most adults) I have my own little addiction going on. However, I hadn’t really thought there was much…

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2019 resolutions: Do more of what counts. And less of what doesn’t.

31st December 2018

My favourite entry from bestselling The Rules of Life is Rule 5 – “Know what counts and what doesn’t”. In other words, focus on what is important in life and avoid doing the stuff that is a waste of time. It’s pretty much the central message of most self-help books, but I love the simplicity…

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How to avoid stressful relaxation. Be more aimless…

30th November 2018

A year ago I left a full-on NHS manager job in pursuit of a more balanced and happy life. However, it has taken me a full 12 months to learn the art of living more slowly. In fact, when I first gave up the ‘9-5’, things became more hectic than ever. The reason life was…

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FORGET your dream. Only then will you achieve it.

3rd October 2018

Nike’s “Just do it” is a surprising catchphrase because in normal life “just doing it” doesn’t get you much kudos. Whether you’re a teacher with a tricky class, a nurse changing the catheters or an agent showing people properties that will never sell. Just getting on with it, day-in day-out, isn’t particularly praiseworthy. Outcomes are…

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The joys of R & R (Repair and Restore)

18th June 2018

Loved listening to Wayne Amiel give Paddy O’Connell some gardening techniques yesterday (Radio 4 Broadcasting House, 17 June 2018).  A keen, amateur gardener, Amiel has named his own garden “Clapham meets Jamaica” and he’s a guru on bringing dead and abandoned plants back to life,  his “best find” being a stick he found in a skip which he…

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Taking the pressure out of decision making

10th May 2018

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears” Nelson Mandela. We’ve all been there – can’t make a decision because we’re too scared of making the wrong one, particularly when the stakes are high. This was me recently when trying to decide whether to resign from my secure job to become a freelance coach…

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The easy way to get difficult stuff done

2nd April 2018

We’ve all had that feeling at the end of a meeting/email-filled day at the office that we haven’t actually achieved anything. How did all those busy hours pass without us really making a difference or doing the fulfilling work that makes us feel good? The problem doesn’t go away when, like me, you shift from…

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